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Dave Ananth

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I have always advised my clients that they must contact me the moment they get a call or letter from IRD. That's when its very crucial to make a move rather than wait. Waiting for further letters/calls just makes the situation worse. Almost all my cases I have done so far could have been resolved quickly if clients had the right advice and strategy.


Dave Ananth | Tax Barrister

Taxation specialist, advisor and negotiator. 

Dave is a former Solicitor / Prosecutor with Inland Revenue Department in  New Zealand. 
He has extensive experience, 30 years in legal practice in NZ and overseas. Dave specialises in giving tax advice and negotiations with IRD. He will help you save time, legal cost and achieve a practical outcome. He also represents and advises clients in disputes involving government departments like the DIA. He also is a compliance expert. 

Dave also gives talks and conducts seminars in taxation related matters for the private sector and Government. 

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Dave specialises in giving tax advice and negotiations with IRD.

He will help you save time, legal costs and achieve a practical outcome.

Value for money: We provide you value for your

money by giving you timely advice on matters

before they get out of hand. The advice will not only be legal, but also in accordance with your business interest as well.


IRD Matters: Have you received a letter from IRD? Don't know what to do? Unfairly assessed by IRD? Want to have a settlement? Need a negotiator? Contact me for any of these matters.

Risk Analysis: We do a thorough risk assessment of your  situation and give you a fair risk analysis. Advising you on the possible scenarios and the best possible outcome for you or/and your business.

Strategy: We do not waste your time and money if you do not have a good case. We advise the best solution on a case-to-case basis. This is crucial.  Don't forget that interest, UOMI and penalties can accumulate on a daily basis. The longer you delay , the more you may need to pay!

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Dave Ananth has his underlying work ethics and principles to do the following:


  Discuss with you the most efficient way to achieve results.

Act in your interest in a timely and competent manner.

Provide you with value for money, a fee that is fair and reasonable.

Plans and strategises the most practical and efficient way to solve legal issues,

without compromising on your legal rights.

Provide you with concise and simple to understand advice.



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